#9: Building a SaaS app on Craft

We're very excited to welcome Erik Reagan (Focus Lab) for this one!

Rise Manchester
  • MadLab (36-40 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HN) View Map
  • 1st February 2018
  • 6:30

Here's the lineup...

Craft News 

Building a SaaS app on Craft - Erik Reagan

Beers + Pizza

Snippets - feel free to share what you've been working on.

Whether you're using Craft CMS already or thinking about getting into it, come along. 

Meetup Recap

  • Welcome to meetup #9

  • Building a SaaS app on Craft - Erik Reagan

    For this meetup we welcomed Erik Reagan of Focus Lab. 

    Erik talked us through the adventure him and the team experienced in creating their proposal tool, Quokka, using Craft CMS. 

    Highlights included:

    A true insight into the challenges faced along the way...

    The biggest hurdle we’ve had is deciding when to work on it and when to work on the stuff that pays the bills. We’ve tried to treat it like a client project but it’s a hard thing to do. Ask yourself how much time you can commit. It will take longer than you think.

    And the surprise when the predicted challenges turned out to be non-existent...

    Craft 2 is fantastic but using Craft 3 would have made it even nicer. It’s almost concerning how simple it was to build [the SaaS app] in Craft. We were asking ourselves, “Is it really this simple? Are we missing something?”

    And realising the beauty of how flexible Craft CMS can be...

    The surprising part to me shouldn’t have been surprising. There were very few times that I needed to reach out to the team and ask for additions (to Craft CMS). It was there and ready and I shouldn’t have been surprised by that.

    We also heard tips on how to approach a similar build...

    Make a list of the types of user permissions needed. Understand your users and the permissions they need.

    And the whole flow from planning and design through to pricing and launch. 

    It was brilliant and we're excited to see the end result.

    View the full video chat here on Vimeo. 

  • Thanks to all who came and obviously a big cheers to Erik for the brilliant insight into the journey of building a SaaS app using Craft CMS. 

    See you all next time!