#5: Craft 3 & a Q&A with Pixel & Tonic's Brandon Kelly

All about Craft 3 and a chance to ask Brandon Kelly your questions.

Rise Manchester
  • Rise, Manchester (231-233 Deansgate, M34EN, Manchester) View Map
  • Thursday, February 2, 2017
  • 18:30

Here's the lineup: 

An intro to Craft 3

Pizza & Beer

Q&A with Brandon Kelly

Meetup Recap

  • New year, new faces, new Craft

    The timing of this meetup couldn't have been better. With the announcement and recent release of Craft 3 beta, we couldn't wait to get stuck in to the new features and ask Brandon all about it.

    The lineup of the evening: 

    6:45 – What’s new in Craft 3

    7:30 – Beers & Pizza

    8:00 – Live Q&A with Brandon Kelly

  • Introducing Craft 3 – Scott Wakefield, Club Studio

    Scott from Club Studio talked us through the new features in Craft 3. 

    In no particular order, here's a rundown of the updates:

    • GitHub
    • Composer Installation
    • Modernised Codebase
    • New Integration APIs
    • Content Migrations
    • Speed Improvements
    • Image Editor

  • Pizza time!

  • Q&A with Brandon Kelly

    Brandon Kelly, founder and CEO of Craft CMS joined us for a live Q&A. 

    Here's a video snippet from our chat with Brandon about whether he thinks the Craft Plugin store might change the ecosystem of Craft.

    [on whether plugin developers charging for their plugins is a good thing]

    "...if someone is getting paid for their work; they're a lot more motivated to support you and they're a lot more motivated to keep it updated. So we'll see."

  • You guys are brilliant!

    Thanks so much for coming along.